Preschool is generally considered appropriate for children between 1.5 to five years of age. During this stage of development, children learn and assimilate information rapidly, and express interest and fascination in each new discovery.

We have a specially designed curriculum that caters to every age and every stage that falls within the preschool spectrum. The curriculum is a unique blend of brain-based research and creative teaching techniques that not only teach children , but actually inspire them to learn!


  • Children at Puffins are exposed to an experimental interaction with nature. Children are taught to appreciate simplicity and are gradually led to a path of observation and then participation. Here in Puffins we follow several methodologies like
  • Linguistic Intelligence
  • Mathematical Intelligence
  • Visual Intelligence
  • Logical Intelligence
  • Music Intelligence

  • To Treat All children with kindness and respect they deserve.
  • Promote feelings of competency and self esteem.
  • Make children feel physically and emotionally safe and secure.
  • To appreciate their differences without comparing them to others, as each child is unique.
  • To listen to parents and treat their requests, suggestions...